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AMZ Scout Review

AMZ Scout  is one of the most raved about Amazon tools. It uses several unique tools to gather accurate data on different niches. These data are essential for business decision making. Aside from that,   AMZ Scout  helps also helps sellers identify the various strategies of competitors when it comes to inventory and sales. 

how to use amzscout

AMZScout Pricing

AMZ Scout  has a variety of pricing, depending on the scope of benefits. However, they do offer a 7-days  AMZscout free  trial for those who are hesitant to commit fully. 

For the Web App version,  AMZ Scout ’s basic plan costs $29.99 per month while its entry-level plan is $39.99 . The business plan costs $59.99 a month.

Meanwhile,  AMZScout chrome extension costs  $44.99 a month, but you can get a lifetime subscription for only $199 , which is a good deal compared to paying monthly.  A viable alternative worth considering at this point is IO Scout. Offering plans from $14 on a monthly basis, with a 14-day money-back guarantee, this platform offers an Amazon Expert Business Assistant to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries. Free IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator and Free Amazon FBA Calculator included.

AMZ Scout Web App VS AMZ Scout Chrome Extension

AMZScout Web App and AMZScout chrome extension are often confused with each other, but there is a clear delineate between them. The  AMZ Scout  operates in a cloud. It is not an extension, but it does have a similar interface. The difference between them is that you can use product tracker, product database, and keyword explorer in the web app. 

Moreover, the web app has more filters compared to the extension. This enables the users to arrange the data depending on what they want to see first. When finding a new product to capitalize on, the ideal one to use is the web app. It provides more data and analytics on different niches. But, if you are in the selling process, opening the amazon web page and utilizing the extension is the best way to go. 

AMZScout Tools

Here are the tools you can get from AMZScout:

Amazon Product Research

With AMZScout’s product research, you get a clear idea of what is trending on Amazon with the use of reliable data. This data can be divided into products by date, trends, and targets. 

Sales Estimator

Aside from providing data about current trends, AMZScout also helps in estimating the sales of the product. The estimates can cover a specific time using the existing data to formulate a tentative hypothesis. This way, it would be easier to know which product will be worth the risk. 

FBA Fee Calculator

Underlying costs are involved when dealing with the Amazon platform. To have a clearer idea of what you will take home.  AMZScout FBA calculator  helps you by giving accurate data on different expenses involved in selling a product. 

AMZ Scout Pro

AMZ Scout pro are the features that set it apart from its competitors. Here are some of these tools:

AMZScout Product Tracker

Unlike other tools, AMZScout pro also allows users to track and monitor the competitor’s product. This way, you can gain an advantage to your competitor by, for example, lowering down your price or adding freebies. 

AMZScout Keyword Research Tool

This tool helps you formulate your product description better by utilizing the data you will receive. 

AMZScout Data Analytics

Compared to other data analytics, AMZScout also allows users to gather data on potential suppliers. 


How much does AMZ Scout cost?

The pricing of the AMZScout web app and extension varies depending on the package avail. The Web app up to $59.99 a month for the business plan while the  AMZScout extension  costs $199 for a lifetime subscription. However, they do offer a seven day trial for each plan to help users appreciate the tools. 

Can I cancel my AMZ Scout Subscription?

Yes, it is possible to cancel your subscription. If you wish to do this and you used Paypal as your mode of payment, you can cancel through your PayPal account. However, if you used a credit card, you can contact their support team for further instructions.  

What markets does AMZ Scout support?

The Web App supports significant markets such as the UK, Canada, the US, India, France, Italy, and Germany. At the same time, the extension also supports the same market with the addition of Mexico. 

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