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Best Amazon Chrome Extension

What is Chrome Amazon Extension?
Benefits of Amazon Chrome Extension
Top Amazon Sales Chrome Extensions 

Technological innovations continuously improve business processes, and Amazon FBA selling is no exception. The growth of every business is mainly dependent on the use of various tools and software to bump productivity and delegate secondary tasks, allowing you to focus on strategic tasks. Chrome extensions for Amazon sellers and FBA Amazon Chrome extensions are vital tools that every FBA seller should have. 

What is Chrome Amazon Extension?

Amazon chrome extensions are great tools that aid productivity and cut costs when you research keywords, scout niches, monitor competitors, or track prices. They are “plugins” that provide you with various relevant information from the comfort of your browser. The goal of Amazon seller chrome extensions is to increase your sales and ranking on Amazon to make your work easier without the need to leave your browser. 

Benefits of Amazon Chrome Extension

Using Amazon seller chrome extensions provide you with a seamless way of monitoring the market. Generally, they have the following advantages: 

  • Save time 
  • Increase sales 
  • Improve ranking on Amazon  
  • Discover new keywords used by competitors 
  • Swift product sourcing, etc. 

Top Amazon Sales Chrome Extensions 

Below are four of the best-rated Chrome Amazon extensions to boost your productivity and improve sales: 

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an analytical software tool kit that provides you with an analysis of Amazon products and keywords analytics. An essential aspect of FBA selling is choosing less competitive products to make for stable long term revenue influx. JungleScout helps you avoid expensive mistakes by giving you access to vital analytical data, hence, avoiding products with too much competition.

amazon seller chrome extension

Jungle Scout is, without a doubt, highly effective in making your product research more efficient. Although this Amazon FBA Chrome extension requires a significant investment of $69, it is definitely worth the price and a must-have for sellers who prioritize product research because you can’t have access to all data points on Amazon listings. 

Helium 10 Plugin

Helium 10 is a 17-in-1 kit of Amazon seller software. It was designed to be a one-stop solution for the seller's needs.

amazon fba chrome extension

Below are the various tools and features offered by the Helium 10 Amazon extension Chrome:

  • Black Box : High-quality product research tool. 
  • Xray : Analyzes possible sales volume and competition density of a niche. 
  • Review Downloader : Aids in the product review.
  • Inventory Levels : Provides stock alerts
  • Trendster : Monitors trends 
  • Profitability Calculator
  • Magnet : Keyword research tool 
  • Cerebro : Helps monitor keyword strategy of competition 
  • Scribbles : Optimizes product listing
  • Frankenstein : Tool for keyword management and list-building
  • Index Checker : Ensures Amazon lists your keywords
  • Keyword Tracker 
  • Profits : a customizable dashboard that monitors profits
  • Alerts : Anti-fraud and list hijacking
  • Inventory Protector : Manages inventory and alerts on stocks
  • Refund Genie 
  • Follow up : Automated email service 

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Viral Launch Amazon extension for Chrome is ideal for FBA sellers who aim to restructure their frames, bump sales, and set high standards. This software aids in discovering new products with a high sale and profit rate. It also helps with keyword research to significantly improve SEO and track competitors’ behavior.

amazon seller chrome extension

Viral Launch includes tools such as Kinetic PPC, Product Discovery, Keyword Research, Market Intelligence, Competitor Intelligence, Listing Analyzer, and Split Testing. The pricing for the tool ranges from a beginner $59/month plan to a $199/month kinetic plan. 

AMZScout (PRO)

This Amazon smile chrome extension is a software with three key features; product database, keyword explorer, and product tracker.

The product database helps Amazon sellers discover potentially profitable products to sell. Similar products can be found through filtering and inserting a seed keyword. It displays product data, including a photo in a simple manner.

amazon extension chrome

Keywords Explorer is used to find relevant keywords that are to be inserted in your Amazon product listing and for finding product niches.

The Product Tracker automatically saves products that you might want to sell in the future for evaluation. 

Chrome extensions Amazon are crucial to the success of any FBA seller. They arm sellers with an array of tools that facilitate better decision making, provide valuable market data, etc. Sticking to old school methods in Amazon doesn’t simply cut it anymore. Although these tools are by no means a guarantee to success, properly utilizing them gives you a significant advantage and makes work easier. 

IO Scout

One new and great Chrome Extension is IO Scout, which is an all-in-one approach - a platform which includes the functionalities you would come to expect from a tailored Amazon selling solution, all with an extremely competitive price point, as little as $14 per month for every functionality you could need. Link to the IO Scout Chrome Extension .

chrome amazon extension


How much does it cost to use Amazon Chrome extensions? 

Prices vary depending on the extension; plans can cost anywhere between $20 to $200. Although, most extensions have free programs, but bear in mind that these free versions do not give you full functionality and access to tools. 

What is Amazon Assistant for Chrome?

It is an official software from Amazon that helps you discover available Amazon products and compare prices while shopping on Amazon.

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