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Best Amazon Review Checker

What is Amazon Review Checker? 
How does Amazon Review Checker Work?
Best Amazon Review Checkers 

Checking the authenticity of the reviews on Amazon is quite essential, just as SEO or proper strategy. So, you need an Amazon fake review checker! These fake reviews are easy to distinguish from the real ones, and the providers we review in this article are good at it.

What is Amazon Review Checker? 

So, let’s inspect what a review checker Amazon service is, and what does it do! A fake review spotter is a piece of software that analyzes reports on the Amazon product URL you enter/copy. It is done mostly by checking keywords, expressions, and metadata. These review spotters have two primary uses: 

  1. Notify the user of negative reviews.
  2. Validate and analyze reviews.

Why are reviews so critical? Simply because they play a significant role in the process of decision making: the buyer checks the description, notes the price, and reads the reviews, then decides.

How does Amazon Review Checker Work?

An Amazon fake review finder has an in-house brewed algorithm. Experience shows that these fake review spotters work. Apart from content quality, they also check keywords, voice, and authenticity. 

Best Amazon Review Checkers 

To help you get your business to grow, we’ve collected three of the best Amazon review checkers, which grant you the chance to lure out fake reviews on your product pages, and help you to learn how to check Amazon reviews.

AMZ Reviews Tracker

AMZ Tracker is a sophisticated program, which grants you access to a dozen of great features (product research, keyword research, etc.), but we checked the Negative Review notification feature. It isn’t a fake review checker option, but rather a quick notifier, which provides help to track and resolve the issues behind a bad review.

The reviews are the driving force behind the success of an Amazon business: you have to maintain at least a 4-star average, and the AMZ Tracker Amazon reviews checker can help with it, by providing the chance to reach out to the buyers’ fast.

amazon reviews checker


Fakespot is a web-based fake review spotter with up-to-date technology, and a user interface that’s child’s play to use. This website offers you in-depth details about the reviews of the Amazon product pages. A simple A-F rating system helps to understand the analysis easily, but the real power of Fakespot is in the details. 

These details include most-used keywords to describe the product, overall review content quality, authority (detects deception), the summed number of reviews for the item.

Based on the content, Fakespot selects different top reviews, such as most positive, most useful, least positive, most authentic, and more.

Amazon Review Checker


This review monitoring service is a serious one, with a professional data analytic service for you. There is a trial version, and it’s quite capable of showing you how competent the Product Review Monitoring service is. From the three chosen services, this one has the most devoted support, and the numerous features cover machine learning technology and the monitoring of your competitors too. With the Product Review Monitoring review checker, you could also monitor more than fifteen different e-commerce sites, and there is also a good blog with interesting articles about this business. The trial period is long enough to properly try out this review checker for Amazon and make the right decision.

fake review spot

Final Thoughts

An online business owner must have an Amazon review checker, as the last two decades brought a change to the US buyers’ habits: reading reviews is now part of the process leading to purchases. If you want to sell your product, you should start to check reviews Amazon product pages. If you think this all sounds like a great avenue to explore with your Amazon FBA selling business, but need a little extra nudge in the right direction, check out IO Scout Amazon Revenue Calculator and other functionalities - which now include Live Chat Personal Amazon Business Consultant. IO Scout’s 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries, including everything to do with Amazon reviews.


How do I know if an Amazon review is legit?

As a laic, you may have a hard time knowing fake reviews from authentic ones. As a business owner, you shouldn’t worry about it: you must focus on resolving any issues that arise in the reviews. In case a buyer doesn’t answer your helpful query, then it’s probably a fake review. 

Are Amazon reviews reliable?

The reviews on Amazon are generally reliable. However, it would be best if you always read the comments too. If you sell your products on Amazon, you must check the reviews, and reply to them, and offer help for those who have problems. 

Does Amazon have fake reviews?

Yes, Amazon has fake reviews. It doesn’t need to be contested, and it seems logical enough: if there are opportunities to give bad reviews, people eventually do that. Often on purpose, with deceptive intent. So yes, it’s essential to check the authenticity of reviews on Amazon too.

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