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Best Rated Amazon Product Research and Finder Tools

Top Paid Amazon Product Research Tools
Amz Scout  
Top Free Amazon Product Research Tools

You must be thinking of which Amazon product research software you can work with, or which ones are the best pick. Relax! Here you'll read on the very best. 

Top Paid Amazon Product Research Tools

IO Scout  

This research is highly recommended because of its many handy features and reliability. It gives you access to scan & report on over 150million Amazon products. Additional functions like product tracker, trends and history and Chrome extensions too. The subscription prices are affordable. Price plans start from as little as $14, and include all the features needed to run a successful Amazon selling business, IO Scout is an all-in-one Amazon solution, integrating a unique 24/7 expert chat feature to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries.

amazon product finder software

Jungle Scout  

50% off their price Jungle Scout can scan/filter the massive Amazon product database to reveal some big chances in niche markets, it tracks competitors' activities and notifies you. It offers a Chrome extension that helps with important information and more.

amazon product research

Helium 10

This software is made up of many Amazon seller tools that aids in finding top-ranking keywords, spot trends, peek on what competitors are up to. It is one of the best Amazon tools available. It has large functionality and features. It comes with a good price and a simple user interface.

amazon product research

Viral Launch

When you navigate through this tool, there's a comprehensive list of handy features to work with. VL is the best Amazon product research tool to grow your business. It concentrates on list optimization, product discovery, keyword research, and more. See pricing here.

amazon product database

Amz Scout  

This Amazon product analysis software boasts to be the most precise product research tool for Amazon FBA businesses. Providing amazing features like trend analysis on Google, sales and revenue estimates, profit calculator, and more.

amazon product research software

Unicorn Smasher

This Amazon product finder software has more than just a fancy name. Unicorn Smasher is known for its simple, easy-to-navigate interface. Possessing handy features and metrics to help you make a decision. With tools like completion methods, revenue estimates, quick links, and exportation of files.

best amazon tools Amz Shark

This Amazon market research tool can boost your sales and help you make you more profit as a product seller or retailer. Its effectiveness is reliable and has features like sales tracker, product history and ranking, Super URLs, review and feedback.

amazon research tool

Amz Suite

The latest version of this amazon fba product research tool works with unbelievable to uncover top hidden keywords and products that make the highest sales. Its strong feature is the search and keyword analyzer.

amazon product research


This software has a rich feature set containing auto responders, Ad tracker, product monitoring that lets you keep tabs on competitors too. It helps fetch great reviews in a short time to give your product the kick-off boost it needs.

amazon research tool

This Amazon research tool is good for product tracking, sales and history review, spot trends and top-ranking keywords. And has a strong voting recommendation for new Amazon business owners or retail sellers.

amazon research tool

Top Free Amazon Product Research Tools


This software is a really helpful tool. Allowing you to enjoy tracking prices, and give a report on product research amazon, check price charts within your browser ( supported by firefox and chrome), and extra features.


This Amazon product research product software is a modern price tracker that is efficient and easy to use. It offers alerts on price, price drops, and updated products on the database. It displays a history graph on every product page you enter.

Amz Base

This is free and useful which helps in searching for products to sell. It helps sellers to quickly obtain title and description of products listings. With direct access to Google search engines, eBay, AliExpress and few extra.


This tool is mostly used for ranking specific keywords or to optimize your campaigns. From finding short keywords to analyzing long keywords, and reducing irrelevant keywords. It also allows the export of analysis and other additional features.

Google Keyword planner

With this tool, it's easy to search campaigns in relevance to your product, service,e and relevance also helping focus your product to target customers. It shows historical statistics and can scan through big-time data.

In conclusion, These are the best and advisable options to choose from when considering research and finder tools to help your business/ product on Amazon.


What are Amazon product research tools?  

These are tools that help businesses/ products grow and generate max output. 

Why is Amazon product research important? (100 words)

Amazon product search helps because they offer tools that are impossible to do manually and helps make your selling experience on Amazon less stressful. 

What you can do with product finder tools?

 You can scan, analyze, monitor and keep track of and competing products, and your products/business too.

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