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Helium 10 Review: The Most Powerful Tools Every Seller Should Capitalize On

helium 10 reviews

Selling on Amazon has traditionally been easy and less complicated than it is today. In the past, a simple trick was enough to make your online business successful. However, things have changed over time. Today, selling on Amazon requires a deep understanding of the competition, customers and market trends. This is because in this online marketplace, there are more sellers, more products, and even more information. 

But there is one thing that has remained the same throughout the years - selling on Amazon remains one of the most profitable online businesses. The secret to this success lies in finding a better way to sell. Sellers can no longer rely on gut and sheer luck to succeed - they must conduct thorough research and base their business decisions on real data. 

To help with this, numerous tools have been developed. In this article, we focus on Helium 10 and tell you why it is one of the best research tools to use on Amazon. Before we dive in with Helium 10, let's first take a look at a unique offering in the world of Amazon business tools. IO Scout’s platform includes the functionalities you would come to expect from other tools with fewer restrictions; and now includes Live Chat Personal Amazon Business Consultant. IO Scout’s 24/7 expert chat feature is there to assist in the daily running of your Amazon business, and provide real-time, instant solutions to your queries.

Defining Helium 10

Helium 10 is a software designed to help Amazon sellers execute a wide range of research functions for purposes of analyzing products and competition. It is a fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) software that integrates a wide range of tools that allow sellers to undertake different tasks necessary to grow their business. These include: 

  • Niche selection
  • Product trend research
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor spying
  • Refund management
  • Listing optimization
  • Amazon index monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Fraud prevention

The Most Powerful Helium 10 Tools

Helium 10 comes with numerous tools that are designed to help sellers perform a wide range of tasks. The tools that most sellers find powerful in this software include:


This is the main tool that drives Helium 10. With Helium 10 Cerebro, Amazon sellers are able to check whether the product they chose would be viable on Amazon. Sellers can do this by pasting the URL of their selected on Helium 10 and view a list of numerous keyword suggestions, including those that rank highly on Amazon. This exposes the strategies that their competitors use, giving sellers a competitive advantage. In addition, sellers are able to adopt strategies that are already working to give their businesses a head start.


This tool is designed to facilitate product research on Amazon. Sellers who use it are able to choose the most profitable items to sell on their Amazon business. To make product research easy, Helium 10 Blackbox comes with a filter that reduces search results in such a way that only those that reflect seller preferences are displayed. Blackbox allows sellers to explore profitable selling opportunities by enabling them to find the best product ideas for their business.


This is a listing optimization tool that enables sellers to fully utilize their product listings on Amazon. Using this tool, sellers are able to track keywords and remove them from their keyword lists as they use them. Also, Scribble scans product listings and makes recommendations to sellers where necessary.


Keywords play a critical role in product ranking. This means that using relevant keywords increases your product's chance of ranking highly in customer chances. The Frankenstein tool makes it easy for sellers to separate and eliminate irrelevant keywords from those that are relevant. To do this, sellers paste their keyword lists on the tool before selecting their preferred parameters. A list of all keywords that should be mentioned in their product listing is displayed.


This tool is designed to focus on keyword research. Currently, Helium Magnet has the largest database of profitable keywords on Amazon. It helps sellers grow their online businesses by showing them the keywords that would add value to their product titles and descriptions so that their items rank highly in customer searches. All the data that is displayed on Helium Magnet is derived from Amazon - which means it is for Amazon use only. Helium Magnet also comes with filters that help sellers pick keywords that are relevant only.


Other Interesting Helium 10 Features

In addition to the above mentioned tools, Helium 10 has other interesting features that are useful to Amazon sellers. These include: 

  • Keyword Rank Tracker that tracks keywords to compare current and previous ranking 
  • Refund Genie that alerts sellers on a possible refund by Amazon when errors occur.
  • Inventory protector that allows sellers to set product limits to protect their inventory from getting depleted when they offer huge discounts

Chrome extension

Helium 10 Chrome extension is a set of five tools designed to help Amazon sellers reduce the time spent on research. These extensions provide sellers with information about the specific items they are researching at any given time. Helium 10 extensions are only supported by Google Chrome browser. They are

  • X-ray - which makes it possible for sellers to discover the most profitable opportunities as they browse
  • Profitability calculator – which calculates profit margins for items instantly
  • ASIN Grabber – which generates targeted ads using ASINS in bulk
  • Review downloader – which enables sellers to know what customers think about specific products so they can improve their listings
  • Inventory levels – which provides instant access to inventory levels for Amazon products that sellers are interested in

Final Word

Helium 10 gives Amazon sellers access to a wide range of tools and features designed to help their online businesses grow. Before you buy this software, it is important that you read Helium 10 reviews to see what other users are saying about the software. This will give you an idea of what its strengths and shortcomings are. Helium 10 offers five different pricing plans depending on the features and tools that a seller wants to access. Sellers can opt for monthly or annual payments. Helium 10 pricing starts at $17

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