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Review Of Jungle Scout

What Is It All About?   
What Are the Available Plans?    
What Functionalities Does the Website Software Come With?  
What Perks Does the Plugin Have? 
Should I Get the Plugin or the Web App?    

Jungle Scout is a software for researching profitable items on Amazon. It offers some relevant insights into the kind of items you should sell, the total revenue an item can make, the ideal price against a listing and more.   

What Is It All About?   

As we already told you, Jungle Scout is a tool for Amazon research that helps you discover items that can potentially generate hefty revenues. Additionally, it will also help with keyword research, sales estimation, competitor analysis, and everything else in between. This web application will instantly show you the items that can generate maximum profits. This way, you’ll have a better idea about what exactly you should be selling. 

Jungle Scout

What Are the Available Plans?    

This software will cost you around $49. Alternatively, if you’re looking to purchase the bundled website application and the plugin, you will need to shell out $69. If, however, you’re only interested in the plugin the price will come to $39. Each of these costs is calculated on a monthly basis.    

What Functionalities Does the Website Software Come With?  

The web application of Jungle Scout Estimator comes with some of the best features. Probably the most remarkable feature of this tool is its niche assessment function. As evident from the name itself, this tweak will help you research the most revenue-generating niche from the lot. Additionally, it will also offer details about the price, a score against the quality of the listing, and a total opportunity score.   

The next functionality is the item tracking tweak that gives you the total history of a given product. This way, you’d get to know whether the product has indeed generated good sales over the last couple of months or years.  

The third feature is an entire database of more than 70 million listings. You can always explore this listing to find your preferred products. The jungle scout web app also has a feature for scouting keywords. That means, the tool gives you the flexibility to research on the key phrases that has been searched by most Amazon buyers.    

Overall, these features are excellent, and given the perks each of them has, we’d certainly recommend it.   

Are These Features Worth it?    

Of course, they are. While the app does require you to pay a hefty monthly fee, the features it comes to offer is certainly worth your money. They are quick, easy to grasp, and incredibly useful for both newbie and experienced Amazon sellers.    

What Perks Does the Plugin Have? 

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is loaded with almost the same features as the regular app, with some subtle differences. For instance, unlike the regular columns of the web application, the plugin comes with a different dashboard where you can track an item, check it’s monthly sales, assess the overall rank assigned by amazon, identify the average price, the customer reviews and more. The only downside to this arrangement is that the plugin doesn’t come with any feature for checking or analysing keywords.   

Quite recently, the developers also added a new function for assessing daily sales. So, if product research is what you want- this extension won’t disappoint you.   

Should I Get the Chrome Plugin?  

 Given the amazing features you’re likely to get by only paying a small fee of $39, we’d certainly suggest this extension. The overall features are great, and right now, you can even get a daily estimate of sales against every Amazon product listing.    

Does The Plugin Have a Lite Version?    

Yes, the plugin also comes with a Lite Version that doesn’t take up much space as its predecessor. This version is equally decent for assessing sales, checking product rank, and assessing the overall listing score.   

Should I Get the Plugin or the Web App?    

Amazon Jungle Scout works quite well both as a Chrome plugin and a web application. When it comes to comparison, however, the latter fares slightly better given the fact that it comes with a special tool for scouting keywords. We will recommend the extension for anyone who requires an advanced product tracking tool without scouting the common key phrases. Either way, both works quite well and you can weigh out their pros and cons before making the final pick.  


 Q. Is This Tool Available for Free?   

 A. No. Jungle Scout isn’t available for free. You need to pay anything from $49 to $69 (monthly) to access all its features.    

Q. Does it have any app?    

A Yes. The tool does come with a web application. You can start using the application right after signing up.    

Q. Will the tool work on my phone?    

 A Yes, you can definitely access the web application via your phone or tablet.   

Q. Why do people use this tool?   

People use this software to check whether they are indeed selling the most profitable products. It is a tool for product research that familiarizes you with the items that can drive sales.    

Q. Can I cancel my membership?   

 A You can certainly cancel your membership at any point between the first 14 days of your purchase.   

Q. How to reach out to support?   

A You can get in touch with ‘support’ by clicking the help tab on your dashboard. The customer care experts of this software will readily address your concerns and help you out.   

 Q. Can I Get a free trial of Jungle Scout?   

 While you cannot get a free trial of this application, you will have the option of cancelling your membership within fourteen days of purchase if you are clearly dissatisfied with it. 

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