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Cold Message for Linkedin - Templates You Can Use

Before you write your first cold message:
How To Find Prospects on LinkedIn?
Polish and optimized your profile:
Cold Message Templates That Guarantee High Reply Rate

This guide will show you some proven tactics to take your LinkedIn prospecting adventure to the next level. Besides, we will provide you with some cold message templates and examples for LinkedIn to bring you a much higher reply rate.

After testing various strategies and sending hundreds of cold emails and messages, we identified things that actually work. However, you need to tailor these tactics as per your audience to make an impact.

Happy experimenting!

Before you write your first cold message:

If you are just starting your outreach campaign, you cannot neglect audience research, says Closely Team. This is because, without suitable information, your message will lack context and personalization. In short, you cannot establish healthy relationships.

How much research is sufficient?

Research work can be helpful or suffocating. Depending on your job title and industry, you may only have a few connections to be made, and this gives you an opportunity to explore other's profiles.

Regardless of the number of your connections , it’s vital to review a user’s:

  • Name
  • Job Role
  • LinkedIn Summary
  • Name of the company
  • Industry
  • Location

Furthermore, you must have a decent credibility “imprinted” on your LinkedIn profile. Your profile should indicate who you are, your skills or business, and what’s special about your profile.

How To Find Prospects on LinkedIn?

Recently LinkedIn imposed a monthly limit on the number of searches for all free accounts. The limit is up to 100 requests in one week.

The first step is to perform manual searches as per your ICP (ideal customer profile). Searching manually for people offer brings a high acceptance rate as the research is more thorough and speak directly to the prospect.

Take start by using LinkedIn search filters to find and mine the users who are according to your ideal customer profile.

You can take help from various filters, including:

LinkedIn Connections (1st, 2nd, 3rd) 

  • Name
  • Organization
  • School/University
  • Job Role
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Activities and interests

You can also hire researchers to find qualified business leads. If you want, you can also hire freelancers to find new leads and qualified potential customers.

Use scrappers and tools to find leads:

Many third-party tools can help you in finding relevant people, such as:

These tools have various filters such as job role, industry, location, and flush out the relevant prospect and LinkedIn profiles.

When performing a search on LinkedIn, the thing to remember is that you have to work as per your ICP. It means that you need to break down the person’s details like hobbies, the content they prefer, their objectives, struggles, and more.  

There are multiple portraits of your ideal consumers: so you can reach out to each of them individually with personalized messages, and the more ‘clusters’ you have, the better it will be for you.

Prospect clusters 

Clusters are groups of users that are created according to the user’s similar needs or characteristics. You need to define each group's demographics , lifestyle, motivations, and struggles to make the group distinct and identifiable.

Prospect Clusters keeps things organized and helps manage outreach campaign, especially when you have many prospects.

Ideally, the person who meets the criteria of your ICP is aware of the pain and searching for an ideal solution but not every time.

ICP (ideal customer profile) is a comprehensive and more detailed description of your ideal consumer. It contains additional data points, such as personal goals, motivations, etc. It may also contain the metrics that they use in their companies to measure their progress.

How many people should I reach out to?

It mainly depends on your product/services and background. Preferably, you should reach out to 8 to 10 people in a day to schedule a meeting. Fewer than these means you are not covering enough ground. Higher than that means you will get less returns on time and effort.

Polish and optimized your profile:

Complete summary

Your LinkedIn profile should reflect your personality. Try to keep it near to your personal life, and it cannot be about your offerings.

Besides, you should remain active on LinkedIn as much as possible to increase your SSI . Post content frequently, ideally daily, and share meaningful stuff on the platform.

However, avoid posting or participating in personal posts of others or controversial topics.


When it comes to content, quality should be your priority, not quantity. As competition is higher than ever so only, the best content will climb higher.

Do you know which content is termed high quality?

High-quality content is usable, readable, and actionable. Similarly, it contains visuals, videos, infographics, and other media files. Lastly, keep the content relevant to your marketing strategy .

Connection requests

After completing your LinkedIn profile, you have a comprehensive list of people to reach out to, so you can start drafting your cold messages.

Cold Message Templates That Guarantee High Reply Rate

Here are some of the best LinkedIn cold messages templates for you:

Common point: Job title/ Industry

Hey {first_name},

I noticed you are working as an {industry name} leader. Always looking to connect with experts and professionals in the {your industry} space. Looking forward to learn directly from the expert.



Hello {first_name},

I sincerely admire {organization name} and have a deep respect for your accomplishments.

Would love to collaborate with you.

{your name}.


Hey {first_name}, 

I am growing my network with experts and leaders in the {name of the industry}. Hope we can learn from each other.

{your name}.


Hey {first_name}!

I appreciate what you do at  {company name} .

I am a  {job role}  at  {your company name} .

I also noticed that we have many mutual connections . Would love to connect with you.

Thanks and Regards, 


Personalization point: Same hobby or common activity


Hey there,  {activity_name}  fan!

Nice to meet another like-minded fanatic  {job_role} .

I admire what you are doing at {company name}. I have worked at  {organization name}  for  {total years}  years.

Would love to chat with you!




Hi {first_name},

I am also a {sport} fan like you. Besides, I am also working as a {job role} at {company name}.

I would love to add you to my LinkedIn network .

Best Regards,


Personalization point: Location, job role


I saw your work as a {job role} at {company}, and I respect your work very much.

I am {your_name}, working as a {job role} at {company}. We {specify your industry}.

I have been to {city name} several times. Such a great place!

Would love to connect with you. Next time I am in {city}, I would like to meet you for a cup of coffee, and we can discuss how we can help each other.

You can read more here: {link}.

Good luck!


There are many personalization points that you can use to create phenomenal cold messages for your LinkedIn marketing or outreach campaign

So, don’t send cold messages without personalization, as it directly affects your acceptance rate.

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