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Merchant Words Review

What is Merchant Words and how does it work?
How to Use Merchant Words?
Is MerchantWords Free or Paid?
MerchantWord Services
Is MerchantWords Worth Its Price?

The tool, Merchant Words, is one of the most reputed and newest tools for Amazon marketplace research. This tool’s functionalities have made it a wonderful tool to work on. You might now be wondering about extra-terrestrial functionalities of Merchant Words. If you want to rank particular products at the Amazon search top charts, the Merchant Words is the best software that could be made for you. As you will go through the article, you will read all about Merchant Words review and you will even learn how to use Merchant Words tool. You will also get to learn how this software can get your perfect products for your selling business with simple keyword strategy.

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What is Merchant Words and how does it work?

Merchant Words has extensive keywords research features and is also certified by FBA. George Lawrence’s idea is the creator of this amazing software and his idea was to introduce a software through which sellers, be it beginner or professional, on Amazon will be helped to identify the right product to list for selling.

As we all know, it is nearly impossible to find a complete number of searches on the Amazon site, as the marketplace of this giant platform is like a deep pool. With this ultimate tool, you get a complete number of searches on this platform within a particular time. You will also get to know how to use Merchant Words as you read down this article.

Wouldn’t it be an amazing idea to get inside your customer’s body and travel through this brain to learn about his behavior and products he is looking for whilst in the marketplace of this giant? And this is the place where Merchant Words comes to play. With Merchant Words , you get a rough estimate of searches on any particular product. Through this tool, you become capable of understanding the demand of a particular product and can serve you as a potential opportunity.

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This amazing software shows the keyword variations with corresponded estimated search volumes. This furthermore helps a seller not only get what kind of products to sell, but also search terms that the seller needs to include in his listing so that he continuously appears for numerous search phrases. 

What is MerchantWords Made Up Of?

Merchant Words data includes:

  •   Over 1.7 billion search phrases
  •  400 million items analyzed
  •   11 Amazon Marketplaces
  •    1-year history of US products

With this data, one thing is clear that if the information on specific keyword phrases is collected, products will sell consistently making your business grow.

How to Use Merchant Words?

In case anyone of you is wondering how to use Merchant Words , let us clear one thing that Merchant Words is a robust software with easy-to-use functionality. You need to start by entering the search phrase in the given field. Once you press the search button, this amazing software will get you search volume of that entered search phrase along with some variations that you could use for your listing.

The very first thing that you will notice with this software is that it produces a large number of search phrases. In case you have an idea of selling a unique product or a product that is not so famous, then this ultimate software is made for you. You will even get some suggestions that are very unique and not known by seller. This tool has a bundle of features that anyone would hardly ever wonder of. Dominant categories are also presented for you where those search phrases can be discovered easily. So, the search phrases which have low competition and high search volumes are identified by you easily. This is the best thing any seller would use for his business.

Is MerchantWords Free or Paid?

As of now, there are three Merchant Words plans to choose from:

• The United States - This provides you with endless access to US data. $30 is the starting plan.

• Global - The Merchant Words plan offers you global unlimited access. Starting price is $60.

• Other Countries - This Merchant Words plan offers you unlimited access to data from one country out of 9 other countries. The plan starts with $15.

MerchantWord Services

The different services that MerchantWords provides are:

Listing Advisor

For your Amazon listings, it's a premium optimization assistance. It optimizes amazon listing with a search phrase optimized title, five bullet points for product features, Text and HTML descriptions, Additional Keyword and Bundle Back end terms.


merchant words discount

You can store the keyword list collection using this feature.

Classic Search

It gives the keyword data including keyword search volume, its seasonality short and long tails keywords from the Amazon search bar.


Keyword Multiplier

Merchant Words


It's a tool that helps in generating detailed, synonymous and corresponding keywords.  

Page 1

This tool gives the first page results directly taken from the Amazon categories, making it easy for you to find excellent opportunities.


ASIN Plus tool gives you data including top ranking keyword for your competitions and also provides you with direct supply data from Amazon.

Is MerchantWords Worth Its Price?

Firstly, let’s talk about Merchant Words discount offers . As I was creating this post, MerchantWords was offering monthly price of $39 for the global plan with discount. As this might be a god saving for some people out there, the manufacturer of this tool previously offered multiple deals that made it available for of only $9 a month.


For the sellers who are operating on marketplace, the tool can provide endless features. MerchantWords has a keyword feature that does wonders and offers it users never-seen insights of FBA selling. If you ask for our opinion, Merchant Words is a little expensive software according to its offerings. In case you are wondering about the safety of your data and information, let us tell you that MerchantWords official guide doesn’t discuss data encryption and protocols for security. According to developers and creators of this tool, the improvement is ongoing phase.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Merchant Review. We have answered these questions in an effective way to resolve your basic queries about the software.

Q1- Is my info safe?

Ans- Yes, of course, your information is completely safe with Merchant review. In case you find anything fishy, you can contact the Merchant Review support and get it resolved immediately.

Q2- Does Merchant Words has a free trial?

Ans- Unfortunately this tool doesn’t offer any free trial. In case you are not happy with the services, you can withdraw the sign -up after 14 days from the date of registration. You will be eligible for a full refund.

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